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Born and raised in a small Wyoming town, Amanda learned to grow her knowledge and follow her passions regardless of resource limitations. Amanda began work at a young age and has dedicated over ten years to honing her skills in problem-solving and operations management. In pursuit of building the expertise necessary to fight the inequity she witnessed growing up, Amanda graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from The University of Wyoming in May of 2020.

Amanda is devoted to helping others succeed and working towards a collective goal, to create the future she knows is possible. Amanda is an artist, spreadsheet enthusiast, and lover of bugs. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her new home of Los Angeles.

Cultural Values Read More Self Assessment Personal Story Communicative 7 - I enjoy being an active listener because I know how great it is to feel heard and understood. I get excited to share information with others and I cherish how much I learn from everyone I meet. My family is full of strong women who have a lot to say, and when everyone has a lot to say you have to remember that sometimes it’s best to sit back and listen. 8 - I have only lived my life so I am eager and focused on learning about others’ perspectives to wholly improve circumstances moving forward. When I find myself in an information echo chamber, I challenge myself by researching topics from various POVs to ensure I don’t fall into a habit of confirmation bias. 7 - I have dedicated a good chunk of my life to learning about myself. Communication is a core pillar which I believe deserves constant evaluation and improvement. Maintaining a façade of perfection was a tactic I had to learn and unlearning that has been a monumental accomplishment for myself. I appreciated when others share their stories with me and I have accepted that others appreciate the reciprocated vulnerability.
Personal 8 - There is nothing as integral to living a fulfilled life as cherishing the people around me. I can’t think of a single time that I turned down a coffee shop invite from a friend. 6 - Taking time to appreciate the people in my life is the most important thing I will ever do. Staying present is crucial and I continue to push myself to be better at that. I can proudly say that over the past few years I have improved my thought process on ensuring time is set aside and spent with friends and family. 8 - Raising people up is one of my greatest joys in life. Assisting others in reaching their potential is part of building a prosperous community. One of my favorite parts of working at a coffee shop in college was teaching newly hired individuals. Their success was important to me.
Collaborative 9 - I stand firm in my belief that every person is important. Leaving room for people to shine where naturally inclined and lending a hand when necessary is intrinsic to working as a team. Seeing the confidence light up someone’s face when they finally realize how capable and awesome they are is priceless. 7 - Everyone comes with their own set of knowledge, skills, and challenges. Greatness is built by all different kinds of people coming together with their varying strategies to attain one unified goal. I was told growing up that the way I did things was incorrect. With ADHD and OCD I could not fathom how the ‘standard’ way worked for anyone. It is the open-minded people in my life that have given me the room to succeed. 8 - I want other people to feel comfortable disagreeing with me, in turn, I am confident in my capabilities to contest when the conversation requires it. I have never been one to blindly follow anyone for any reason. I seek more in-depth answers more often than I seek actual disagreements. Devoted 9 - It is imperative that any skill someone wants to keep, they have to use. Practice is not always the most exciting part of any pursuit, but you will reap the benefits. I have been working at becoming proficient in many different artistic mediums throughout my life. Even though I would be considered competent, I continue to fine-tune my craft by participating in classes and tutorials. 7 - I encourage myself to always be looking for the big picture. The details of a project are inherently integral, but some details deserve more time and energy than others. Getting trapped in the details is something that I have struggled with in the past. Finding a balance between ensuring the impactful details are met with proper care and initially ensuring all needs are met is a part of life that I will continue to pursue. 8 - I crave new experiences, knowledge, and memories. Choosing to learn from everything and accept mistakes has opened me up to some of the most amazing opportunities. I feel like I have lived a hundred foolish lives and somehow built the most wonderful life with all of the pieces. I remain eager to have both successes and failures in pursuit of my ambitions.
Aligned 8 - Magic happens when people come together and decide to make the world even just a little bit better. The potential impact of Harmony is exponential, I am thrilled to be working towards a collective goal with so many driven, capable, and passionate individuals. When I was younger, I believed myself to be fiercely independent. Throughout my frequent and consistent work on teams I have come to realize that there is nothing as gratifying as working together. 8 - Reframing the concept of failure is something I will continue to work towards. Every misstep I have taken has ultimately led to something better. I hope to inspire people to take the big leaps and allow themselves to flourish. My life plan has always been assumed by someone. I have fought to create a future where I am in control of absolutely nothing, but neither is anyone else. 8 - I want to help people. Coming from a place of vulnerability and scarcity has taught me how hard we must fight to stand up for one another. I am not bitter because of what I have faced, I am passionate to ensure that others do not have to fight to survive and thrive.
Authentic 8 - Remaining consistent is to show your authenticity. I want people to know who I am and appreciate all I do because they know it is coming from a place of real-ness. Lacking consistency in my life taught me how to ‘thrive in chaos’, but unlearning inconsistency has improved my relationships and quality of life. 7 - When a decision must be made, I will make the call. Trusting myself to make the right call is a part of growth that I will continue to pursue. Choosing to leave behind a life that would have been easy to accept in pursuit of the uncertain was a turning point in my life and it has paid off ten-fold in happiness. 8 - Holding myself to a high standard does not mean that I cannot make mistakes — in fact, it means that I must. I challenge myself to learn from every mistake I make and it builds a stronger, more compassionate, and more capable person. My mother always told me that “people don’t like perfect people”. Building an identity around perfection only creates distance from everyone else who embraces imperfection. I cherish authenticity in others and strive to ensure I meet others with honesty in my successes and my mistakes. Technical 6 - I know when I have given my all to a task and I know when I should have given more effort — I do not feel the need to compete with others, but I do compete with myself to grow. Choosing to celebrate my own successes without direct praise has become increasingly important to me over the years. However, communicating when I need reassurance and clarity in the success of one of my projects is necessary for building effective relationships. 7 - With all of the information available to us sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the programs and systems, both technical and interpersonal, that I could be implementing in my life — because I want to master them all. Dedicating my time to instituting those that will realize the greatest reward will continue to be a focus of mine.7 I have been without resources for much of my life — working with what I have is constitutional to my being. I have learned that there is no greater resource than the people around you, who are willing to mentor and co-facilitate to reach a goal. 7 - Every person has something to offer and is important. I recognize my abilities and I am looking forward to learning and growing within the company. I hold the phrase ‘leave every place you go better than when you arrived’ dear to me. Even if I have a small impact, I am driven to create and positively effect any workspace that I am a part of.
Potential 8 - Every day new day is an opportunity for me to be better than I was the day before. My life experience impacts every venture I have, by utilizing my real-life insight I am able to expand my potential beyond the scopes of formal education. 8 - Learning from and adapting to new circumstances, as well as, seeking knowledge will lead to success in any pursuit I have. Those closest to me are aware of how fervently I chase new insight. When I was a child, I was given the nickname ‘Why’, because it was my favorite question. 7 - I believe it is important to encourage people to view things from various perspectives. I do not believe that every perspective requires a ‘devil’s advocate’. My core values are what drives me. I challenge myself by exploring new information to ensure I can have the most advantageous impact.
Impact 9 - What needs to be done with always be done. I take pride in the work that I do and have always done because I believe that any work is important if it is having a positive impact on those around you. I have dedicated my entire career to serving my community and building others up. I maintain friendships with previous clients and coworkers because when the work you’re doing is good work, the people around you are good people. 7 - My ADHD has given me the gift and curse of near constant multi-tasking. Changing the way I view productivity has increased my effectiveness and helped me develop systems that work. I successfully balanced three jobs, school work, and a rewarding social life while in college. Productivity looks different for everyone, but the most important part is showing up and putting in the work for yourself. 9 - My life has been nothing short of chaotic since the day I was born. As a result, I am solutions-focused and I have developed moxie to spare. I worked at a couple restaurants and a coffee shop while in college. Few things teach you to ‘thrive in chaos’ like working in customer service.

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