*Below is our keynote at Ethereum Denver 2022, announcing Harmony’s Blue Metaverse and committing to funding ten thousands DAOs and scholars on zero-knowledge proofs.








Harmony in 2026: Scaling Web3 via ZKP & DAO

100 DAOs & Cross-Chain Web3

🦧 Player ONE: Blue Apes


💙 Good morning, everyone. We are here today to announce a blue metaverse – Harmony Metaverse! To think about how to build a future together with so many different communities, we got 8 Bored Apes, all BLUE!

Today, we come here and ask: What can we do in Denver? How can we think about all of the future games? We say, let’s use cross-chain NFTs and our bridge that you can put your assets, your apes, and your new NFT profiles into many different places in life... Let's marry technology with culture!


And... Let's do a digital festival together and put all of our assets for timeshare with the community - fractionalized ownership. We are committed to putting all of our apes and assets to share with our ecosystem partners. These apes belong to you, and we'll always hold on to them so that we can think about what we can do together over the long run.

Let me give you a few ideas today...

Player ONE in Metaverse

ONE on Messari’s 2022 Theses

🏗️ Cross-Chain NFT Infrastructure