As the Harmony Venture Network program launches, Harmony Ecosystem builders now have the opportunity to seek outside investments. In order to optimize their potential, there may be questions around corporate structure, narrative, funding levels, tokenomics, legal, accounting, and many others topics, to even be considered for venture capital investments.

To scale this, the Harmony ecosystem builders can work with advisors such as Saxon Advisors, as they can provide advisor services to help teams at many growth stages. Advisors can also increase the access to a network of investors which are highly interested to invest in ecosystem projects.

Per: Harmony Venture Network

To participate in Harmony Ventures to seek for investments (Investees), participants must: either: a past Hackathon Winner and/or a Harmony ecosystem fund recipient, or have launched on Harmony Mainnet and completed at least one Mainnet milestone. Participants must demonstrate a structure to receive investments

Advisor Network

Saxon Advisors

Saxon advisors bring in Investment banking and advisory services specifically tailored to attracting Blockchain Venture Capital Investment. They have mapped out the blockchain VC space and pride themselves on saving their clients the most time whilst increasing the chances of attracting investment:


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