Harmony will be hosting a web3 lounge for 4 days, in alignment with NFT NYC. We will be cultivating a space to support new web3 projects through workshops, panels, activations, and engaging activities.

Impact Report

📅 Highlights

Date Highlight
6/17 Event Coordinator Arrival
6/18 Sat Team arrival
6/19 6 pm Team setup for Lounge Opening
6/20 Harmony x W3BTHR33 Lounge Day 1
6/21 Harmony x W3BTHR33 Lounge Day 2
6/22 Harmony x W3BTHR33 Lounge Day 3
6/23 Harmony x W3BTHR33 Lounge Day 4
6/24 Core Member speaks at http://NFT.NYC
6/25 Sat Team Departure

Run of Show

Our Vision


The Harmony Hub is located just a couple of blocks away from the heart of the action for NFT NYC’s conference location. It is a 6500 sq/ft space with beautiful views of the most iconic building in NYC—the Empire State building. For approximately 26k, we will have this venue for a full 96 hours. Thought leaders in NFTs and GameFi will help curate the programming and space.


Harmony is going into NYC with a very specific goal to build local developers and scale relationships. While we do not plan to focus on onboarding investors at this event, we are focused on engaging investor interest in existing Harmony ecosystem projects.


Two NFT projects launching on Harmony will be featured at this event. Our initiative is to onboard two of the three DAOs cosponsoring the venue with us. The space will be designed for people to be able to come and build on Harmony.


1Wallet will host an onboarding session to demonstrate its use case.


Metapride and Foodmasku are inviting 10k+ college students and blockchain enthusiasts to attend our event. We also are planning on working with the Blueverse team to onboard metaverse enthusiasts.


This event will bring exposure to the Harmony ecosystem through partnerships and collaboration (Nifty Castle, New Friendship Tech, etc.) All these groups have committed to promoting our event as part of their partnership.

💙 Harmony Attendees

TOTAL: [5]

Harmony presents W3BTHR33 L0UNG3 at NFT NYC

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Harmony presents W3BTHR33 L0UNG3 NFTNYC 2022 Full Schedule.jpg