For a sustainable economy of nonfungibles (like lands or names):

  1. Quadratic Tax: nonlinear contributions by 3-dimensional distance.
  2. Radical Rent: ****liquid ownership with a shared pool for development.
  3. Fair Price: demand-based recurring fees.
  4. Soulbound Identity: nontransferrable but revocable. subdomains

RADICAL Market for Internet Domains, Crypto Names & Top-Level .country

Follow the Principles of:

  1. TIME vs entropy: **Force engagement via seasonal changes or elections; drive volume via capped the spending period of budgets.
  2. SPACE vs cold start: Bootstrap ecosystem via hyperlocal development; break through saturation via hierarchical economics.
  3. SOCIAL vs centralization: intensify people’s preferences in collective decisions; reduce tyranny-of-the-majority and factional control problems.

Play with experiments:

  1. r/place.
  2. the button.
  3. fomo3d.

FAIR: “3-Body Problem” of Price & Rent on Nonfungible