This page introduces the team behind the Ecosystem Fund operations. Since the launch for the $300M Ecosystem Fund in Sep 2021, we have now begun seeing a number of grantees ramp up and require a larger team to focus on supporting the ecosystem’s builders.

Team Roster

Grant Ops Team

The $300M Ecosystem Funds now have individuals assigned for each vertical

Contributors & Scouts

Grant follow-ups

Partnerships and Investments have their specific contacts for each team that Harmony partnered up with or invested into. Monthly follow-ups are necessary to gain alignment, to have Harmony provide support necessary, co-marketing and managing expectations.

For Launches and Bounties grantees, in addition to the above, there are usually more frequent touchpoints related to meeting milestones, verifying completion of work, coordinating fund releases and other frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Launch & Bounty Grants

Launch Grant follow-ups are assigned to the following Launch Grant Ops is with @Al Cheung

<aside> 💡 By default, the Grant Approvers still owns the relationships and should ensure that all the Launch Grant Ops personnel are in Telegram channels that have been created in the past


Project X Investments