Since the announcement of Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund, Harmony’s community witnessed tremendous growth with developments in the areas of DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Infrastructure, Developer Tools, Marketplaces, Social Impact and recently in the Metaverse space. As Harmony builders grow within the Harmony ecosystem, we've seen teams go through growing pains when trying to hire the right talent for their teams.

The Harmony Talent Network program was born to solve this very problem. We have launched a pilot program with Braintrust to tap into a massive talent pool of software developers, designers, and product managers to help strengthen the core teams building on Harmony.

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Joint Opportunities for Harmony and Braintrust

The opportunities presented from both parties are to:

Partnership Objectives

The metrics of success are:

<aside> 🌠 In collaboration with Harmony Venture Network and Harmony Investment Advisors


Opportunity #1 – Beta testing and joint announcement

[Target: March 31, 2022]

Braintrust is now coming out with new features/capabilities to support the unique needs of web3 ecosystems, such as grants and bounties and full time employee recruiting.