Top Agenda: Cut cloud costs, Launch trustless bridge, Grow users. (Jump to: Action Items, Team vs Guilds, User Metrics, Value vs Valuation, Market Opportunities.)

We have $10m cash and $170m treasury, but 71 persons on team and $1.58m monthly spending ($631k cloud, $663k payroll). In 2014 Whatsapp was acquired for $19B with only 32 engineers and 22 business persons, but already with 450m monthly users.

Let’s not just read news (market analysis) or discuss ideas (product strategy) – but measure and get obsessed with numbers – that is, user and developer growth!

We will strictly enforce our May and Q2 performance review: 4 strong yes quarterly from core team to retain a fellow and 2 monthly for a contributor. We are going to restructure the team into guilds and hire more managers and business development.

Vision-Mission-Strategy & Traction-Milestone-Roadmap

ONE on Messari’s 2022 Theses

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